Local Students Throwing Up Their Graduation Caps

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NEWS RELEASE: https://www.prbuzz.com/education/105410-new-training-guide-for-teachers.html

A new online website designed to assist teachers is now open to the public.

Online Teaching Classes is a new website that is designed to help working educators as well as college students who are interested in entering the teaching profession find information about degree programs in the field of education along with continuing education classes designed for professional teachers.

“Teaching is still a very popular field for a lot of college students,” said Maria DeMars, the website manager for OnlineTeachingClasses.com, “It’s a very visible profession and students know there are potential jobs in every city and town in the country.”

The OnlineTeachingClasses.com website centers around helping site visitors locate schools that offer education degree programs and classes. Site visitors have the ability to look for these programs based on geographic area. Online-delivered classes are presented as well.

“A lot of people get involved in teaching usually for one of two reasons,” stated DeMars. “Either they really like kids and the aspect of being a teacher, or they find that teaching gives them an avenue to be able to work in a topic area that they really love. Most companies aren’t flocking to colleges on career day in desperate search of history or English majors, but schools feel fortunate to get young teachers who are passionate about teaching their favorite topic.”

“Regardless of what a few critics might be saying in the media these days, teaching is almost universally considered a noble and respected profession,” continued DeMars, “And I think anyone who is considering becoming a teacher should be encouraged to do so.”

Online Teaching Classes is an online resource primarily for teachers or students who are interested in becoming teachers. The website provides information about available schools, degree programs and classes. For more information, visit http://www.OnlineTeachingClasses.com.