Associate's Degrees
Two-year schools typically offer a variety of associate's degrees along with other diplomas and certificates of completion for short-term training programs.

Local Students Throwing Up Their Graduation Caps

Online Bachelor's Degrees

More and more students are attending online universities.

The reasons online learning is becoming more popular are easy to see. Online schools are typically less expensive than traditional colleges and they are much easier to attend.

While some students take just a class or two, many others are earning their bachelor’s degree through online classes.

Some college majors don't work well with web-based courses. Two of these majors that are better off taken in a conventional classroom include career nurse training and fashion designing. Both of these fields call for hands-on learning.

The two most popular tracts are the bachelor’s degree in business or the bachelor’s degree in information technology. Both of these majors are easily adaptable to online courses.

Each program requires a major commitment from the student in order to take and complete all the courses and actually earn a degree.  But perhaps you are ready for the challenge.

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Interior Design Careers

There really isn’t any one path to a career as an interior designer. Some schools offer an interior design degree, but there aren’t many of them. If you want to become an interior designer, you may have to take a creative education path to get there.

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